JCR Hydro Fractering Unit
Hydro-Fracturing is process by which water is forced into an existing bore well to pressurise, open out and clean out of non-water producing veins in the earth strata thereby opening a clear path of water to flow into the well increasing the overall water yield. Principles of Hydro-fracturing The Pascal Law states that, when hydraulic pressure is applied in any closed body, it acts in all directions and is equal in all points. Therefore when the high-pressure water is injected in the isolated section of the bore-well, the hydraulic pressure acting is equal. The injected water flows in the least resistance path and therefore the inter-section of fractures or opening of the fractures takes place in the weakest zone.Hydro-fracturing process stimulates hydro-geological conditions of a bore-well as follows. Initiation and propagation of new fractures. The existing drainage channels accumulated by clay are cleaned. The pre-existing fractures are widened and smoothened. Improves smooth and free flow to and within the conduit system. In a typical dry/low yielding bore well the water borne Fracture zones are identified and are subjected to high pressure water pumping to initiate, propagate, widen and extend the existing fractures. The water pumped in the bore well under high pressure up to 3000 PSI (Pounds per Sq. inch) breaks up fissures, fractures, cracks and cleans away mud and other impurities, blockages and leads to contact with adjacent Water bearing fractures and bodies, there by improving the over all yield as the fractures are exposed to larger and extensive conduit system of fractures / aquifers. For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact
PRD Hydro Fracture Equipment
Truck Mounted Hydro-Frac Unit (PRD HFU): The PRD HFU is rugged and powerful with its hydraulically driven pump and it is 12000 LBS mast. The PRD HFU is sure to get the job done this two speed unit provides dual functions. Break and develop in low speed the pump will produce 2500 psi at 40gpm. This is essentially your break pressure in high speed it produces 500 psi at 80gpm. This develops the well allowing for optimal water flow. Standard Features Include: For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact