General Truck Mounted RC Rig capable to drill in soft and hard rock formation, with sample collection cyclone system. Drilling Capacity 250 mtrs, 850feet, RC with 1/2" or 4 1/2" Drilling rods. Power Unit Deck engine with suitable PTO arrangement shall power the entire Rig. Drilling Mast 6 Meters Rods pull capacity, capable to drill from vertical to 45o with dump mast 1500mm.Standard hydraulic mast raise cylinders.Rotary Head Hydraulic driven rotation head unit for Reverse Circulation drilling. This units travel on the mast and is of sturdy construction to absorb sudden and varying shock loads generally encountered during drilling operations. Hydraulic System All hydraulic elements like pumps, motors valve and cylinders shall be of adequate capacity and reputed brands. All hose shall withstand to high temperature. The hydraulic oil shall filter during suction and return lines. Hydraulic system operates with separate CUMMINS engine along with proper clutch system. Compressor - 400 psi Casing Tee - For pre coller with wiper seal. Main Hoist - On the top of the mast, maximum pull17, 500 LBF or 8 tons. Water Pumps - Triplex water pump capacity of 100LPM and powered by hydraulic system. Break out Tool/Spanner - On the rotation table to unscrew the drill rods. Jacks - Hydraulic leveling jacks squire types, 4 nos with air bubble point. Control Panel - All necessary control and monitoring valve and gauges will be installed at the control panel. Auxiliary Winch - For hydraulic draw work. Lighting - For night operation will be provided. Hammers - 5 RC Hammer (Indian and Australian Type) For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact