KLR Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Rig
Tractor Mounted Hydraulic Rig: Model: TBW - 40/TC-40. Drilling Capacity: 4.5" - 150Mtrs., 6" - 50Mtrs. Mounting: Suitable tractor. Under favorable drilling conditions. For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact
DTH Drill Rig: BREAKOUT WRENCH The Drill Rig is equipped with 300mm (3 inch) Stroke of 80mm (12) Bore Hydraulically operated break out wrench for breaking drill pipes. WATER INJECTION PUMP The drill rig will be provided with hydraulically operated triplex Reciprocating pump of capacity 36 lpm 580psi for injecting water/foam with necessary piping and flow control valve. WINCH CAPACITY Hydraulic operated wire line winch is mounted on mast to handle the casing pipes and other handling tool has the capacity for line pull (bare drum): 800 kgf, and for line speed (bare drum) 40 Mt. /min AIR COMPRESSOR Trailor Mounted of 450cfm/200 psi capacity can be used for carrying out the DTH drilling activity with suitable toeing arrangement. For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact
TRACTOR MOUNTED DRILLING RIGS MODEL JCR TM400 DTHR DETAILED TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Description JCR TM400, DTHR is a Tractor drilling rig mounted on a tractor model New Holland 7500 4WD (75HP) (274309) with Top Drive all Hydraulically Operated Drilling Rig extracting main power from Tractor Engine, is capable of drilling using DTH method to Depth of 150 Mtrs. DTH DRILLING CAPACITY a) 4 (115mm) dia holes upto a depth of 150 mtrs in Rock Formation. b) 6 (165mm) dia holes upto a depth of 125 mtrs in Rock Formation. c) 8 (216mm) dia holes upto a depth of 30 mtrs in Soil/Unconsolidated. d) 9 7/8 /12 dia holes with R.R. Bits up to a depth of 20 Mtrs by Rotary method. Please Note the above drilling depths are considered under favorable drilling conditions only. MAST STRUCTURES Sturdy structural channel type mast of welded construction, main members made out of heavy duty structural steel channels reinforced with suitable cross members, with Mast length of 5500 mm, Rotary head travel of 4500mm, centralizer Opening of 254mm i.e. (10 inches) and Raising and lowering with the help of Hydraulic Cylinder. TOP HEAD ROTARY DRIVE Heavy duty hydraulically driven top head drive with mud swivel travels on the mast constructed to with stand the drilling shock loads its speed ranges from 0-100 rpm and torque of 235 kgf/M. For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact