KLR Wagon Drill Rig
Wagon Drill Rig: Model: KWD-100 Drive - Hydraulic and Pneumatic. Drill hole size: 3.0" - 4.5" Max. Depth: 36 Mtrs. (118 Feets). Mounting: Self Propelled Type. Under favorable drilling conditions. For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact
KLR DTH Drill Rig
DTH Drill Rig: Model: KLR - 1000/1500/2000 Drill hole size: 6.5" - 12.0" Direct and 14" (O.B.) Max. Drilling Depth - 600 Mtr. (-2000 Ft.) Advisable Drill rod size: 4.5" Mounting: Truck / Skid. Under favorable drilling conditions. For DTH Drilling suitable compressor on support vehicle. For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact
PRD Wagon Drill
Wagon Drill (PRD 120): PRD Model 120 Wagon Drill capable for drilling 102 - 114mm dia. holes to a depth of 36.5 mts. used for open cast mines for drilling and blasting. Since the Wagon drill is subjected for arduous working condition in the mine, the drill is now modified in structural design and mounted on rugged box frame possessing high torshnal strength. The weight is adequate to obsorb a vertical down wards direct feed force. The above unit is mounted on wheels for easy shifting from hole to hole and can drill holes from vertical to horizontal. The rotary head, feed and self propulsion units are all re-designed, modified and made heavy duty. The Wagon Drills are available to handle for 76mm dia. x 2mts and 3mts drill rods. For more details about this Drilling Rig Contact